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Tip #2 – Post Flyers for Adoption Events

Helping Animal Rescuers Tip #2 Post flyers at local pet stores, vet offices and other community locations to advertise your local rescue’s adoption events. Spreading the word can mean connecting a rescue animal to a new home. These days, rescues rely a lot on advertising online for events by posting them […]

Helping Animal Rescuers Tip #2

A baby guinea pig.

Rescue 101: Adoption Agreements and Contracts

An adoption agreement is a contract that spells out the terms of a final adoption when someone decides to adopt an animal from your rescue, it’s a document that serves multiple purposes. The adoption agreement you have your adopters sign will spell out the terms of adoptions and what you are […]

Rescue 101: Adoption Applications and the Screening Process

The application and screening process is a delicate time for both the rescuer handling the potential adoption, and the applicant who wants to adopt an animal from your rescuer. Knowing how to handle this process efficiently and in a sensitive way to your adopter is an important part of operating […]

A Rat in Reindeer Horns

A dwarf hamster

Rescue 101: Planning – Preparing for Emergencies or Closing

It’s never a pleasant thing to imagine, but part of being a responsible rescuer is having some idea of what you would do in a state of emergency to protect yourself and your animals. There are a variety of scenarios you will want to consider, such as having to relocate all of […]

Rescue 101: Planning – Your Rescue’s Core Team and Volunteers

We’re about halfway through our in-depth look at the planning process laid out in the earlier article Rescue 101: Pre-Opening Planning and Questionnaire and it’s time to talk about the people who are going to put in the work needed to operate your rescue. In the early stages of your rescue, it could only be […]

Volunteers at an Adoption Event

Three black and white berkshire rats

Rescue 101: Planning – Your First Location, Local Laws and Your Limit

Now that we’ve tackled your initial funding and accounting practices, we’re ready to plan on the where question of your rescue. There are several important factors to consider surrounding your location, including where specifically that location is (and what type of property it is), what laws might impact you based on your […]

Rescue 101: Planning – Initial Funding, Accounting and Fundraising 1

You’ve now planned your goals for your rescue, and given it a name. You’ve done your basic research on the business structure you will be using for your rescue. It’s time to think about the money side of things and figure out how you will account for money, fund your […]

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