Wedge Hammocks

Wedge Pet Hammocks are great, three-dimensional pieces you can use to take advantage of corner space in your pet rat cage or other small animal cage. Our Wedge Hammocks are finished with six loops of matching fabric, three on the top and three on the bottom, so you can use them to support your wedge’s shape when they are sitting on a level or set them up so they hang freely in an open pet cage corner. Our Wedge Hammocks feature three openings so that your pet can climb in and out on any side they please, and give you a great view of your pet during snuggle time.

Check back regularly for our ever-changing selection of wedge style hammocks. Whether you are looking for a pet rat hammock, a pet ferret hammock, or pet guinea pig hammock, you’ll find styles and patterns to fit your pet’s decor on Alma Rodentia.