Cube Hammocks

If you have a bigger small animal like a ferret, or a social group of pet rats, cube hammocks provide a more spacious interior for them to cuddle up inside. Choose a small 6 inch cube hammock if your pet prefers a tight, snug fit in their sleeping space, or a larger 8 inch cube hammock if you want more space for more animals to hang out together. We also offer giant 10 inch cube hammocks made of heavy materials like denim that help provide a sturdier shape. Our cube hammocks are made with four loops of matching fabric to hang them by, use the loops to support their shape so your pet can lounge on top too!

Check back regularly for our ever-changing selection of cube style hammocks. Whether you are looking for a pet rat hammock, a pet ferret hammock, or pet guinea pig hammock, you’ll find styles and patterns to fit your pet’s decor on Alma Rodentia.