Rescue 101

The Rescue 101 section of the Alma Rodentia blog is dedicated to people getting their start in the animal rescue world. This section will start with the basics of what you need to know about starting and growing a rescue, and will continue to expand into other areas such as marketing, managing technology, rescue philosophy and more.

Rescue 101: Planning – Your First Location, Local Laws and Your Limit

Now that we’ve tackled your initial funding and accounting practices, we’re ready to plan on the where question of your rescue. There are several important factors to consider surrounding your location, including where specifically that location is (and what type of property it is), what laws might impact you based on your […]

Three black and white berkshire rats

Guinea Pigs on Hay

Rescue 101: Planning – Initial Funding, Accounting and Fundraising 1

You’ve now planned your goals for your rescue, and given it a name. You’ve done your basic research on the business structure you will be using for your rescue. It’s time to think about the money side of things and figure out how you will account for money, fund your […]

Rescue 101: Planning – Business Structure and Non-Profit Status

Now that you’ve decided on your goal for your rescue group, and chosen a name, it’s time to start thinking about what type of business or corporate structure you are going to be using for your rescue. This part might feel daunting when you are just getting started, a lot of rescues start […]

A hamster hiding her face

A group of mice

Rescue 101: Planning – Planning and Naming Your Mission 1

It’s time to step more seriously in to the first stages of planning your rescue group now, and we’re going to start working our way through the initial planning list I presented in the post Rescue 101: Pre-Opening Questionnaire and Planning. In this edition of the Rescue 101 blog we’re going to […]

Rescue 101: Starting, Running and Growing a Rescue Group 1

Since founding North Star Rescue, a non-profit group based in California dedicated to the rescue and welfare of pet rodents, I’ve learned quite a bit about what goes into starting and operating a rescue group. Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to help other people interested in animal welfare get a start […]

Agouti rat brothers