About Me

Lauren at an Adoption Event

Here’s me at an adoption event for North Star Rescue.

Alma Rodentia – For the Love of Rodents

The name comes from the latin word ‘Alma’, which means nurturing or mother, and Rodentia, the family that our domestic pet rodents belong to. My name is Lauren Paul and I’m a long time lover and advocate of the often overlooked pet rodent.

Almost a decade ago I founded North Star Rescue, a California non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue and welfare of pet rodents who had nowhere else to go. From a small beginning of a few animals in my small apartment to an organization that helps animals all over California and beyond, my hobby rescue grew into a fantastic group which I have always been proud to work with.

Recently, I moved from California to Missouri and went from handling the day-to-day operations of my rescue group to helping the organization from afar with supporting technology. My days that were once filled with cleaning cages, medicating sick animals and socializing the shy ones became quiet. I continually thought of how I could find more ways of supporting my much-loved rescue group back in California.

Lauren at a Rescue Event

Lauren at a North Star Rescue event, making Balloon Animals to sell for the rescue.

Here came the idea for Alma Rodentia, a place where I would sell hand-made products geared towards small animals and their human companions. Profits from sales on Alma Rodentia help the animals of North Star Rescue, helping to fund the care costs for the rescue animals while they wait to find homes.

While the products here have been made based on my years of experience with pet rats, guinea pigs, mice, hamsters and chinchillas, small animals of many stripes and types will enjoy the products here including sugar gliders, ferrets, hedgehogs and more.

Thanks to the support I’ve received for Alma Rodentia’s products and store, I’ve been able to expand this project of mine to include a blog for animal rescuers and small animal owners. The blog now contains information for new aspiring rescuers of animals to help them plan and start their own rescues, and I hope that passing on my years of experience, my trials and errors, and some stories from my time rescuing animals will help more people create a bigger impact for animals in need everywhere.