Donations for North Star Rescue in June

June Promotion for North Star Rescue

During the Month of June, Alma Rodentia is teaming up with The Travelin’ Rat to help raise money for the animals at North Star Rescue! I’ll be donating 10% of ALL sales in the Alma Rodentia store for the entire month of June, and you can help bump that up to a 20% donation when you use the coupon code NSRHELP at checkout!

Hailey the Guinea Pig at Bath Time

Hailey the Guinea Pig after . Hailey gets regular baths to keep her skin soothed and prevent sores from developing.

When I founded North Star Rescue, one thing that I always felt strongly about was not letting it become the kind of rescue that only took in fancy, pretty, cute or baby animals that were easy to adopt out. North Star Rescue has always committed to taking in the animals who are in dire need of a second chance. One of the more famous animals at North Star Rescue right now who needed that second chance is Hailey the guinea pig, pictured at left, who came to the rescue having already lost one front leg to infection and struggling with a horrible case of bumblefoot on her other front foot. Thanks to the people who have donated to support North Star Rescue, we were able to try advanced treatments to treat Hailey’s bumblefoot, and when we found that the infection wasn’t treatable, we were able to send her in for a delicate surgery to have her remaining front leg amputated to get her out of pain. Having no front legs is a huge challenge for a guinea pig, but in the rescue’s sanctuary program Hailey is able to live a life in a specially outfitted habitat with beds designed to cradle and support her, on fabric that gets washed every day to keep things comfortable for her to move around, and there’s a volunteer team working hard to connect with a company that will be able to print a 3D wheelchair for Hailey.

A rescued dwarf hamster

One of the abandoned hamsters, now safe in a clean place waiting for a home at North Star Rescue.

Sometimes when the animals show up at our rescue, we find them unexpectedly coming out of poor conditions. Recently, North Star Rescue had a pair of dwarf hamsters abandoned in a filthy, feces packed and mold covered cage. Without knowing anything about the history of the hamsters, we can tell it took months for the small cage they shared to get inches deep with feces, and they were left without food. Volunteers jumped to pull the hamsters out of the filthy trap they were left in, get them cleaned up, and moved into a new clean habitat with healthy food where they could start their path to recovery. In just a few days, the hamsters went from being lethargic, starved and unloved to cherished fosters who will find a new home through the rescue program.

When you help support North Star Rescue, you support happy endings for animals like these. You can learn more about all of the promotions happening for the month of June on The Travelin’ Rat’s Rescue of the Month page to see all of the different ways you can help!

About Lauren Paul

Lauren is the founder of North Star Rescue, a non-profit organization in California's San Francisco Bay Area dedicated to the rescue and welfare of companion pet rodents. Lauren operates Alma Rodentia, a website featuring an online store for pet rodents and their humans and a blog about rescue and life with pet rodents.