Tip #9 – Donate Cleaning Supplies to a Rescue

Helping Animal Rescuers Tip #9

Tip #9 – Donate Cleaning Supplies to a Rescue

Rescues always need cleaning supplies like disinfectants, bleach, trash bags and more. Next time you are at the grocery store and see a buy-one-get-one deal, pick up the extra for your local rescue group.

Trash bags are not an item of great significance until you are out of them and staring at a wall of poopy guinea pig cages that need to be cleaned, and the grocery store feels a million miles away. Donations of cleaning supplies are always welcome with animal rescues, most people think to donate animal related items but there’s a lot of other supplies that go into maintaining a rescue. This is a great way to pass on a deal when you see a buy-one-get-one sale at your grocery store, pick up extras like trash bags, cleaning gloves, sponges, scrubbers, spray bottles, paper towels, tissues, cleaning rags and more so you can pass one on to your local rescue.

Disposable cleaning commodities are always appreciated, but you might have some heavier duty cleaning supplies to share too. Are you thinking about upgrading a piece of cleaning equipment you use? Your old one might find new life as a rescue’s new shop vac, pressure washer, or even washing machine. It never hurts to check in with your local rescues, you never know when your old appliance might be a lifesaver for a rescue trying to keep things clean and tidy!30

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Lauren is the founder of North Star Rescue, a non-profit organization in California’s San Francisco Bay Area dedicated to the rescue and welfare of companion pet rodents. Lauren operates Alma Rodentia, a website featuring an online store for pet rodents and their humans and a blog about rescue and life with pet rodents.