Tip #8 – Give a Gift Card to a Rescuer

Helping Animal Rescuers Tip #8

Tip #8 – Give a Gift Card to a Rescuer

A gift card can be a great way to show a hard-working rescuer that you appreciate them. Have an extra gift card you haven’t gotten around to using? This is a great way to pass them on to someone you want to help out.

Gift cards get a bad rap as a somewhat impersonal gift, but I always thought they were one of the ideal gifts to give to a rescuer or volunteer. One of the big problems as a rescuer trying to give a gift to another rescuer is that most of our exchanges are animal related, and while we all certainly love animals (or we’d be in the wrong line of business) there’s a tendency among all of us to put everything to caring for the animals and very little to caring for ourselves. A gift card for coffee, a restaurant, or even fast food can be nice treats for an animal rescuer that you are friends with. That way you know you are giving them a gift they will use to treat themselves for a change.

If you have an extra gift card you just haven’t gotten around to using, giving it to a rescue can be a great way to give it a chance to be used by someone. That gift card might mean that a tired rescuer can treat themselves to a meal out instead of cooking at the end of a long day, it might be gifted to a special volunteer who went above and beyond to help out the rescue, or it might find its way into a raffle or auction to raise money for the rescue.

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