Tip #6 – Donate Linens for Bedding

Helping Animal Rescuers Tip #6

Tip #6 – Donate Linens for Bedding

Check with your local hotels to see if they will donate towels or old linens to a rescue group. Towels and linens can line carriers, be turned into animal beds, and much more by rescue groups.

Hotels go through quite a lot of linens, and sometimes things become damaged, stained, or just generally too worn for the hotel to continue using with their guests. While some hotels may go through set recycling programs, others are willing to donate their used linens to anyone willing to come haul them off. Those towels and linens are a great boon for animal rescuers because they can be put to use in so many ways.

I remember receiving a load of donated linens at North Star Rescue for the first time, and honestly feeling a little overwhelmed at what I was going to do with a trunk load of towels and sheets…I thought I had way more than I could handle! Each piece quickly found itself a home and a purpose in my rescue program. I chopped up towels or folded them to line carriers and give the animals I was picking up at shelters a comfortable pad to lay on. Sheets draped over carriers in the back of the car to provide some extra shade during the summer months, and towels and blankets covered carriers in the winter to provide extra insulation while the animals were traveling. During cleaning days, I spread out sheets and towels to dry cages and equipment without making my floor a slippery mess. Items got chopped into cleaning rags, or re-sewn into hammocks or toys for the animals in foster care.

Those are just ways I found the fabric to be helpful while running a rescue for pet rodents. I also passed out extra linens and towels to friends who rescued cats and dogs, who used them for bedding in crates and kennels, during bath time, and much more. If you pick up a huge load of fabric from a single donor, give your local rescues and shelters a call and I’m sure you’ll find plenty of people who can put those materials to new use.

About Lauren Paul

Lauren is the founder of North Star Rescue, a non-profit organization in California’s San Francisco Bay Area dedicated to the rescue and welfare of companion pet rodents. Lauren operates Alma Rodentia, a website featuring an online store for pet rodents and their humans and a blog about rescue and life with pet rodents.