Tip #4 – Share Events on Facebook

Helping Animal Rescuers Tip #4

Tip #4 – Share Events on Facebook

Share local rescue events with your friends and followers on Facebook. Not only will you help the rescue spread the word about their activity, but you might connect a friend with their next pet.

If your local rescue group posts an event using Facebook’s Event feature, you can interact with that event in a variety of ways. When the rescue first posts the event, you’ll see a notice come up in their news feed where you’ll have the option of clicking to say that you are Interested, Going, or Not Going. Clicking on Interested or Going will automatically make this event show up in your own Facebook feed, letting your friends know about your rescue related activity. You can also choose to share the event on your own timeline with a personal message to let people know at a glance why they might be interested in going, or what might be bringing you out to the event.

The more people who select ‘Going’ to an event, the more popular the event will be on Facebook and the more chance of exposure it will get. From your timeline if you click on ‘Events’, Facebook will often display events that are nearby locally and the more people who have said they are ‘Going’ will up the rescue’s chances of their event showing up in ‘Popular Events Near You’.

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Lauren is the founder of North Star Rescue, a non-profit organization in California’s San Francisco Bay Area dedicated to the rescue and welfare of companion pet rodents. Lauren operates Alma Rodentia, a website featuring an online store for pet rodents and their humans and a blog about rescue and life with pet rodents.