Tip #3 – Tag Rescues in Your Social Media Pictures

Tip #3 - Tag Rescues in Your Social Media Pictures

Helping Animal Rescuers Tip #3

Visiting an animal rescue or event? Snap some pictures with your phone to share on social media, and tag the rescue group. You’ll show off a cute animal that needs a home, and help the rescue reach a new audience of adopters.

Everything ties in to social media these days, and social media websites aren’t just a fun way to connect with friends, family, or that co-worker you don’t totally remember from your high school summer job. Social media websites can be a powerful way of spreading awareness of different messages and missions, and you can play a huge part in helping a rescue group grow their audience with a simple picture.

First, think about the picture that you want to share. You can take a picture of an adoptable animal at a rescue, a rescue’s event booth, people interacting with the adoptable pets, interesting products the rescue is selling, their banners, or even the front of a brochure. If you are at a rescue event and the volunteers aren’t too busy, you can ask a volunteer if they can snap a picture of you interacting with one of the animals, or if you can take a picture of them showcasing an animal.

When you go to post the picture, use the appropriate method of tagging based on the social media service you are posting the information with. If you are posting on Facebook, try typing in @ before the rescue group’s name (such as @North Star Rescue) and you’ll be able to select their page from a drop down list which will create a link to their Facebook page in your post. If you’ve shared that post publicly (and not to a restricted group of friends or other audience) the rescue will get a notification about your post, and people who see your post will be able to click on the rescue’s name to quickly learn more and connect with them. If you are posting on Twitter, you can use the @ symbol before the rescue group’s name to tag their twitter account and direct the post to them, as well as hash tags (#yourhashtagsubject) to connect with more people. If you are posting on Instagram, use the @ symbol to tag the rescue’s account as well as relevant hash tags to get your picture out in front of more people.

About Lauren Paul

Lauren is the founder of North Star Rescue, a non-profit organization in California’s San Francisco Bay Area dedicated to the rescue and welfare of companion pet rodents. Lauren operates Alma Rodentia, a website featuring an online store for pet rodents and their humans and a blog about rescue and life with pet rodents.