Tip #2 – Post Flyers for Adoption Events

Helping Animal Rescuers Tip #2

Helping Animal Rescuers Tip #2

Post flyers at local pet stores, vet offices and other community locations to advertise your local rescue’s adoption events. Spreading the word can mean connecting a rescue animal to a new home.

These days, rescues rely a lot on advertising online for events by posting them on their website, social media accounts or on websites like Craigslist. A little good old-fashioned advertising can reach a whole new audience of people who might not be following along in any of those areas, and posting flyers around where an event is going to happen is a great way to connect with people. Even if you can’t volunteer at the event itself, posting even a single flyer for the rescue group you want to support will increase their chances of having adopters show up to their event.

Your rescue group may already have a flyer designed that you can print out, so reach out and ask them if they have anything designed from their group that they would like you to print and post. If you have to design something, you can find a lot of simple templates using software like Microsoft Publisher if you want to design one on the computer, or you can even grab some brightly colored paper and some pens to make your own from scratch. Flyers that have tear-off tabs containing some information, such as the rescue’s name and contact information, will help people remember to come meet the adoptable animals during the day of the event. Even if people don’t come to the event itself, it’s a great way to promote local awareness of the rescue group and it’s mission.

It’s important to post flyers only in locations where they will be welcome so you don’t unintentionally create a negative impression by plastering the rescue’s information up where it’s not allowed. You’ll find that pet stores, vet offices and dog grooming businesses will often be happy to showcase a flyer for a rescue group. It’s also a good idea to post flyers in non-animal related areas to get the attention of new potential pet owners, check your local grocery stores, school, or community boards to see if you can get a flyer posted at their locations as well.


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Lauren is the founder of North Star Rescue, a non-profit organization in California’s San Francisco Bay Area dedicated to the rescue and welfare of companion pet rodents. Lauren operates Alma Rodentia, a website featuring an online store for pet rodents and their humans and a blog about rescue and life with pet rodents.